Vance County Animal Shelter


County Breaks Ground On New Shelter

Amid the trees at 1243 Brodie Road, Vance County officials and supporters of the animal shelter gathered to officially start construction of the new shelter.

Gratitude was given to all of the parties involved, particularly Charles and Mary Boyd for donating the land, and the commissioners for staying the course for a new shelter for nearly a decade.

Vance County Animal Shelter Groundbreaking

Vance County is building a new animal shelter.  Vance County Commissioners, Vance County Animal Control, The Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society and The U.S. Department of Agriculture along with local volunteers and citizens celebrated at a groundbreaking ceremony.  The ceremony began at 10:00 A.M. Thursday, January 21, 2016 on Brodie Road.

Vance County's Decrepit Animal Shelter in Need of Donations

The Vance County Animal Shelter is outdated, underfunded, crowded, and in desperate need of donations. Its tiny staff is a dedicated group of people who love animals, but the property is on its last legs.

One of the shelter's inhabitants, Captain Hook, came to the shelter with a fishing hook through his nose, mouth, and paw. But he didn't get stitched up at a veterinarian's office.

*Disclaimer: This website is not an official Vance County government site but is volunteer-run with the purpose of tracking the progress made by staff and volunteers to better the lives of animals in Vance County, North Carolina. The words expressed within in no way reflect those of Vance County personnel.*