Vance County Animal Shelter


Frankie Nobles

Chief of Animal Services
As the head of Vance County Animal Control, I enforce state and county animal-related laws and ordinances, control the spread of rabies in Vance County, manage the animal shelter and animal services for Vance County and educate the public on animal laws, shelter functions and animal services duties.

I take pride in my work and serving my community. I value being the voice of the animals--it's a very rewarding job when we make a difference.

I love animals, so naturally I have a lot of them including 6 dogs (Superman, Dixie, Charger, Sunday, Bella, and Willie), 1 cat (Mommy Cat), 2 horses (Jessie & Mary), 1 mini horse (Mist), 1 mini mule (Surprise), 4 donkeys (Conrad, Snowflake, Jack, & Sassy, and 1 cow named Runt.

When I'm not serving the community, you'll find me spending time with my wife and son, fishing or hunting, or on the grill--I love to cook for my friends and family.

Billy Spain

Lead Animal Services Officer
My responsibilities include assisting with oversight of the Animal Control Officers, meeting with the community to resolve issues, investigating complaints regarding vicious or stray animals, animals suspected of having rabies, and animal cruelty or neglect. Equally as important, I organize, supervise, and assist in daily kennel cleaning and maintenance to keep the animals safe and healthy. 

I do this job to make a difference in my community. I have a servant's heart and there are many animals and people in need right here in our own community, so I do what I can for those in need, whether it's an animal or person.

I have three spoiled dogs of my own, that range from 10 to 100 lbs. Two of them were adopted from right here in our shelter.

In my spare time, I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and spending time with my family. I'm very active in my church and I'm passionate about the Missions Ministry, as well as the ISH Cancer Ministry that I'm a member of.

Chad Olds

Animal Services Officer
When I'm not singing and playing my guitar for the animals at the shelter, I enforce state and county animal ordinances.

My job is rewarding when I get to see the improvements I've made for the animals and the relationships I've built in the community. I get to experience something different every day and see positive changes happening on a daily basis.

I have 2 dogs: Traz, a white pitbull mix and Piki an American Bulldog mix

In my spare time, I have too many hobbies. My main hobby is always whatever my kids are into. I play music, many different instruments. I love to fish and look for arrowheads as well as to tinker and build things. I also enjoy 3D graphic modeling and making my own games or animations with Unity.

Tanya Evans

Senior Administrative Support Specialist
My responsibilities at the shelter include managing intake, spay & neuter programs, adoptions and adoption counseling, orchestrating the return of lost animals, reporting, external communication, cleaning, vaccinating the animals, handling payments, and lots of paperwork. 

I come here every day because I have a passion for animals and I do it for all the innocent animals that need love and a second chance. I do it for my family and my co-workers.

When I'm not at the shelter, you'll find me at home with my 2 dogs (MoJo JoJo & Nova), and my 2 cats (Fred & Pete 3), taking care of my two beautiful children. When I have some free time, I paint wood crafts and ceramics and also scrapbook.

Gail Latta

Kennel Attendant
I'm at the shelter helping keep the kennels clean, to exercise the dogs, assist with intakes, perform adoption counseling, assist Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society in taking pics, and managing the Friends of Vance County Facebook page.

I used to be a volunteer at the shelter, but I enjoyed it so much, I signed on to be an employee. I choose to work here because I love animals and being able to help in getting them adopted or rescued. I also encourage my grandkids to take an interest in the shelter and the animals.

I have a number of pets of my own, 3 of my dogs are from the shelter. I also have a very old horse, 3 bearded dragons, 10 birds, a pot belly pig, ferret, and some fish. Like I said, I love animals! When I have a few minutes I like to read, garden, and oil paint. 

*Disclaimer: This website is not an official Vance County government site but is volunteer-run with the purpose of tracking the progress made by staff and volunteers to better the lives of animals in Vance County, North Carolina. The words expressed within in no way reflect those of Vance County personnel.*