Vance County Animal Shelter


Change is Happening at Vance County Animal Shelter

Frankie Nobles is the Chief of Animal Control for Vance County, NC.  He got his start with Vance County Animal Control (VCAC) as a horse and livestock foster but wanted to be more involved.

2010 - 2012
Frankie moved on from fostering and started as an Animal Control Officer, where he learned the Animal Control laws and county ordinances.

Frankie was offered the position as interim Chief of Animal Control.  and he quickly started talking to the County Manager about eliminating the gas chamber. On November 26, 2012, he was successful in finally eliminating the use of the gas chamber at the shelter, two and a half years prior to the new state law mandate.

Frankie interviewed for the Chief of Animal Control position and was promoted as the official Chief of Vance County Animal Control.  It has been a long road but he's built a reliable team that is able to overcome the challenges that come with being part of Animal Control. Vance County isn't like all other counties, they have regular struggles along with many families and animals in need.

While many may not see how far the shelter has come, Frankie and the staff are incredibly proud of what they’ve accomplished thus far.

  • Vaccinating all adoptable dogs and cats that come into the shelter to help prevent the spread of disease
  • Improving pet care and sanitation practices
  • Including low-cost spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, de-worming, and either the FIV/FeLV test (for cats) or a heartworm test (for dogs) in the adoption fees, which did not negatively impact the adoption rate
  • Started a free spay/neuter program for Vance County residents that receive one or more forms of government assistance or make 300% under federal poverty level.  
  • Eliminated the use of animal drop boxes.
  • Perform monthly rabies clinics--in November 2014 VCAC had a free rabies clinic where Dr. Conde was administered parvo/distemper vaccines and free exams in a low income area of the community. They were able to administer 205 rabies vaccines and more parvo/distemper vaccines. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was there and gave out collars and leashes to the animals in addition to the Mars company who gave away dog food and treats. 
  • Staff and volunteers went into several trailer parks and walked door-to-door, in the rain, placing pine shavings in doghouses to help keep pets warm.
  • The shelter staff also started working with one of the teachers at a local school to develop a program where her students come to the shelter to read to the animals. Frankie and his staff visited schools throughout 2014 to present and demonstrate training and behavior best practices with their personal dogs.

Frankie and his team take great pride in the work they're doing. Unfortunately, due to irresponsible owners and animal abuse, they have the very difficult task of intaking 3,500 to 4,000 animals every year, many of those animals come from cruelty cases. Additionally, Vance County has helped Warren County with cruelty cases when needed. 

The Vance County Animal Shelter team continues to educate the community about the benefits of spay and neuter programs with the ultimate goal of decreasing the euthanasia rate that plagues Vance County. They are thankful for local rescues, including Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society (RCAPS), and the adopters, because with their help, the euthanasia rate has decreased so greatly that they are only forced to euthanize injured, sick, or aggressive animals. The team at Vance County have a goal of making their shelter the best and most advanced shelter in the state of North Carolina.

*Disclaimer: This website is not an official Vance County government site but is volunteer-run with the purpose of tracking the progress made by staff and volunteers to better the lives of animals in Vance County, North Carolina. The words expressed within in no way reflect those of Vance County personnel.*