Vance County Animal Shelter


If You Love Animals, We Want Your Help

We believed: "if you build it, they will come" so in October 2016, we opened our brand new animal shelter in Henderson, NC and we welcome all the volunteers who can fit in our beautiful new building. We offer opportunities for school and church groups, as well as individuals or if you want to come out with your friends and family. We are looking for dog walkers, cat cuddlers, photographers, groomers and even anyone who wants to read to the animals. Contact us today at 252-492-3136 or to learn how you can get involved.

We understand not everyone has a lot of spare time on their hands, so donations are always greatly appreciated. Use the buttons above to donate money or goods (through to the shelter.  If you choose to send a check to the shelter, please make checks payable to Vance County Animal Shelter.

Below are photos of some of our volunteers during various outtings, including Meredith College students running with dogs and taking photographs for their social change course, Girl Scout Troop 1648 holding a bake sale and adoption event, regular volunteers bathing and walking the animals and students from the Zeb Vance School reading to the dogs at the old shelter. We promise it to be a worthwhile and satisfying experience for all volunteers!

*Disclaimer: This website is not an official Vance County government site but is volunteer-run with the purpose of tracking the progress made by staff and volunteers to better the lives of animals in Vance County, North Carolina. The words expressed within in no way reflect those of Vance County personnel.*