Vance County Animal Shelter


Online Auction Rules


Please read these 7 rules before bidding:

Bidding starts Thursday, July 9 at 7pm and ends on Sunday, July 12 at 7pm--please submit your final bid by 6:59pm ET.

  1. To bid, you will be asked to register an email address so you can receive notifications on your bids. Your email address will not be shared.
  2. Enter your name and bid in the comments section below each item you're interested in. Then click the 'Subscribe to Email' link above the comment box so you receive emails every time there is another bid on that item--or you will receive notification that you've won the item.
  3. Bidding increments will be in at least $1, no change will be considered.
  4. The comments section for each posting will disable at exactly 7pm, so get your bid in by 6:59pm.
  5. Pickup of items will be held on July 18th from 10-12 and July 26th from 1-3, at the Wake County Animal Center at 820 Beacon Lake Drive in Raleigh. If you, or a friend/family member, will not be available to pick up items on either of these dates please DO NOT BID.
  6. In order to pick up your item, you MUST submit payment prior to pickup, at: 
    (PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANONYMOUS DONATIONS--we need to be able to track who has paid)
  7. Be sure to scroll through all pages of this blog to see all items for auction. There are 20 postings per page and a total of 6 pages of postings (a total of 101 items up for auction), Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Newer" or "Older" to view additional pages.

This online auction is being run by volunteers and all items have been donated by local businesses or community members. 100% of proceeds raised for this auction will go to the Vance County Animal Shelter to pay for a new shelter. In the event the new shelter is not built, the funds will pay for upgrades to the existing shelter.

All donations have been checked for quality to ensure that each item being auctioned is clean and in working order. If you have any questions, please contact us at vancecounty[dot]animalshelter{at}gmail[dot]com.

*Disclaimer: This website is not an official Vance County government site but is volunteer-run with the purpose of tracking the progress made by staff and volunteers to better the lives of animals in Vance County, North Carolina. The words expressed within in no way reflect those of Vance County personnel.*